Super Cozy Sweatshirt


For some reason I have been procrastinating over writing about this sweatshirt.  I wrote in my last post that I am catching up on writing about garments I’ve made over the past year.  I made this sweatshirt about a year ago and I think that might be part of the problem.

When I first make something, all of the feelings and details are fresh in my mind, but after a year they are a little hazy.  I guess that’s a good reminder to keep up with blogging about things as I make them!


What I do remember about the process of making this sweatshirt, is that it was frigid in NYC for what felt like forever and I just felt cold all the time.  I wanted to make the warmest, coziest sweatshirt I could imagine.  That meant a longer length to cover my hips and butt, a funnel neck to cover my neck and long cuffs with thumb holes to cover my wrists and hands.


I used the Grainline Studio Linden Sweatshirt pattern, with some adjustments.

I lengthened it about 8″ and widened the hem band to 4″.  For the funnel neck, I kept the existing neckline, but instead of the neck band, I cut a rectangle of fabric as long as the neckline measurement (plus seam allowance) and as high as what felt comfortable under my chin (I think about 8″).  I attached the funnel neck the same way I would attach a neck band.

I doubled the length of the cuffs and added a thumb hole.


I repurposed ice dyed sweatshirt fleece from a cardigan I had made but wasn’t happy with, along with scraps of sweatshirt fleece from other projects.

I serged the smaller pieces together until I had large enough pieces to cut out the pattern.


Worked like a charm!  I am no longer shivering.  This sweatshirt is so warm and cozy, it feels like wearing a blanket.  It has become part of my regular rotation and I love it!


Patchwork Tamarack Jacket

Zoinks!  I didn’t intend to take such a long break from this blog!  Is anyone still out there???

Just in case you are still reading, here is a new completed garment!  It’s a Grainline Studio Tamarack Jacket!


Well, technically, it’s not really a “new” garment.  I have a backlog of completed garments from the past three years that I haven’t blogged.  I completed this Tamarack Jacket last January.


I have a ton of fabric scraps saved from previous projects and I thought a patchwork Tamarack would look really cool.  Some of my scraps are from my hand dyed fabrics and some of them are solids that I purchased.  I decided to go with shades of blue because…I like shades of blue…


It took quite a while to piece all of the scraps together, but I was very happy with the result.



I used organic cotton batting as a filler and navy organic cotton broad cloth for the lining and binding.


I hand quilted the jacket using navy blue sashiko thread.  This was my first time quilting and I instantly became obsessed with it!  I finished my first quilt after this jacket, but I’ll save that for another post.


Needless to say, I love this pattern!  The one change I made was to blend the hem into a continuous line from front to back at the side seam, instead of doing the curved edges that the original pattern has.  Also, I really need to add the pockets.  I was a little impatient to wear the jacket, so once it was mostly done, I figured pockets could wait, but I sorely miss them.


That’s it for now!  I promise I won’t stay away so long this time!


Belated 2013 Reflections, Inspirations & Goals

A few weeks ago I joined in the Top 5 of 2013 blog series started by Gillian at Crafting a Rainbow.  I posted my top 5 hits and top 5 misses of 2013, but I’ve been procrastinating on doing the rest of the lists because I couldn’t think of five things for all of them.  I’ve decided to stop being a perfectionist and just post what I have. Continue reading

Dharma Trading Featured Artist

I just wanted to pop in quick to say that Dharma Trading put up my Featured Artist profile on their website today.  I get all of my fabric dyeing supplies from them–they have everything.  I submitted my work a few months ago, but I wasn’t sure if/when my profile would show up on their website and then I saw it there this morning!  Thanks Dharma Trading!  Happy New Year!!

Featured Artist Dharma Trading 1-1-14 resize

My Top 5 (3) Misses 2013

Yesterday I posted my top 5 hits of 2013, and in keeping with the rules of the challenge, today I’m doing my top 3 misses (I could only find three to photograph).  I am actually rather happy with all of the garments I’ve sewn this year, but a few of my shibori pieces came out pretty awful.  Most of the time when a piece comes out badly I’ll try over-dyeing it until it looks better, but these three just annoyed me.  I’m putting them aside until they stop being difficult. Continue reading

My Top 5 Hits 2013

I’ve been wanting to restart my blog lately, but I was having a little trouble getting going.  I found the Top 5 of 2013 post on Crafting a Rainbow (via Grainline Studio) and thought it would be a great way to get started.  Sometimes it really helps me to focus by organizing things into lists–it’s fun in a very nerdy way!  In no particular order…

Blue striped drop waist dress:

It's versatile!

It’s versatile!

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